At Seacoast Plant Specialists, our goal is to help our customers be successful in every phase of their enjoyment of their outside spaces, from design to installation to maintenance. We value long term customers and tailor the customer experience to meet that goal.

Most of the landscape and hardscape installations we perform are designed by Seacoast Plant Specialists, however we are able to install any plan created by a separate designer.
Plant identification and specific plant knowledge and plant care knowledge are a crucial part of our garden maintenance services. We offer a totally comprehensive garden maintenance service, usually on a recurring basis, to keep our customers gardens maintained to our high standard.

We listen to and learn from our customers’ wants and needs.  As a contractor, it is important for us to take note of the reasons why our customers utilize our services year after year.  We have learned that our customers value our focus on communication and integrity.  We feel that it is very important to communicate:

  • Projected dates for beginning and finishing a job.
  • Which employees will be on site each day.
  • If work is not completed as projected, what is left to do and when it will be resumed.
  • Any rescheduling that is necessary due to weather or work force circumstances.
  • Specific estimates that describe exactly what will be done in each area to be maintained or new/existing garden/pond.
  • Any price differences due to unforeseen circumstances, or, more commonly, additional work being requested that was not initially estimated.