A large 30×50 planting area with mostly native plants in progress in Somersworth, NH.  Ground covers are being planted in between the larger shrubs to decrease weed growth, and native wild flowers are being planted to attract pollinators:

A newly planted tree ring ready for mulching in Somersworth, NH:

A garden installation in progress in Somersworth, NH:

A small garden that we created with a fountain and trellis installed in Dover, NH:

A very large pond in Durham, NH with two sections divided by a walking bridge being drained and cleaned.  We also upgraded the ponds filtration and added a second pump:

A project to naturalize an area along a driveway in Dover, NH using native plants with winter interest.  In this particular area, occasional flooding occurs, and plants were selected that will endure that condition:

A planting and mulching project at a small business in Berwick, ME:

Decorated stone steps with potted ferns, elephant ear, and annual flowers in Rochester, NH:

Before and After, a 2500 square foot lawn renovation with 10 foot tree rings for the later installation of maple trees and hostas in Rye, NH:

A large granite light post and granite fountain installed in Newington, NH:

Before and After.  A project that included cleaning up the planting beds, significantly amending the soil, plant installation per our design, and mulching in Greenland, NH:

Evergreen Privacy Hedges:

Berms were created and lined with rock before planting in Dover, NH:

Aquatic plants thriving in ponds that we maintain: